Finishing up some client work and trying to pivot into finishing up some personal projects in the interim. It is the hardest thing to not float there with both oars out of the water because I feel like I need to go in all directions at once.  Just need to start paddling I guess. I'm a terrible canoemate. 


A lot of my day consists of me staring off into space at my desk. I enjoy being able to let my mind drift and put random associations together from bits of news and past events, half dreams and old ideas at a leisurely pace. Sometimes though, I wish it were easier to see the ideas clearly and quickly. Somewhere there are special glasses you could wear that let you see all the great, normally-invisible-imaginary-stuff floating around the room. We've got deadlines, people.


Eventually, Events

Wow, the time sure does fly by when you aren't looking. Been busy to say the least. I've been focusing on some new animation projects as well as juggling a lot of illo work. Slowly been tweeking the site in the background and excited to have more animation and sequential comics oriented stuff here soon. In the meantime, I'd be pleased as punch if you came by the Cartoon Art Museum and check out some original SIC art on display as part of their Small Press Spotlight. A reception is coming up on the 22nd where I will be reading some new slideshow material and accompanied musically by the amazing Safa Shokrai. I hope you can make it to the reception, it would be great to catch up with you. SIC returns from vacation April 1st. 


O Fortuna came on the shuffle while I was waiting in line for the ATM. It presented the space between the two buildings above the ATM with a dramatic gravity. I should have watched it to see if an opera unfolded up there but it was my turn in line.


Recent collaboration with designer Tory Ford, who also fronts the excellent band Upstairs Downstairs. Will be a great show so bring the Christmas spirit and support great local musicians!