Pants are the future of Time and Space

Take that Jules Verne.

Having printed out my New Years Resolutions and posting them in plain sight I've noticed a creedence lent them different than previous years.  I have always felt a responsible person, just always one to bite off more than any human mouth was engineered to chew. Like the bold visioneer who prognosticated the move to Alternative Energy Transport Pants I too have always been a big idea man charging blindly with true conviction, fueling the jeans both legs at a time without too much concern for minor details. Details like asking oneself, "Just how will this exactly work?" and, "Are Alternative Energy Transport Pants really such a good idea?"

I had wanted to believe fully in the power of ideas, the initial sparkling intersection of influence and imagination, trusting that inspiration to have merit regardless of inspection. But by the time I would try to implement those ideas, even if a simple drawing, I found myself halted by hesitation, frozen in over-analysis, and ultimately filibustered to gridlock. I would placate myself by thinking this was just a learning period and though I've found that to be somewhat true, eventually I had to be able to apply the lessons and put something out there with confidence balancing the risk of failure with blind enthusiasm.  And so, in addition to joining the gym, making travel plans and scheduling correspondence, I have gone through the stacks and stacks of ideas accumulated and tried to re-see that initial inspiration,grasp that idiot spark and push those Transport Pants and Propellor Mugs and what-not past the committee and into production whilst reassuring myself that even if I lose my shirt I'll still have plenty of dumb pants to get around in.

So Happy New Year, I hope that your resolutions are not met with anxiety but with vigor and appropriate amounts of stupidity and naive wisdom.