Zen Scarf

The door to the hallway closet is trying to tell me to take a moment. The hook just inside the door holds our collection of scarves and random outerwear. They sit all neatly aligned when the door is open while I select something from the closet. When I close the door quickly to get on my way, inevitably a scarf sticks its hand out and leaves a flag corner wedged, a bookmark of color in our white hallway saving a page in a book titled, "Couldn't Be Bothered." If I close the door slowly and with determination the hallway is returned to its clean and balanced state of emptiness and order.  A hallway where no messy and impatient person lives, where possibly, no one lives. I could just move the hook away from the door edge, or keep something other than scarves on the door but I have for a while now reasoned a solution of least resistance, an unclosed hallway door. To leave the book open in a quantum state of denial and progress. This is where I live currently but Zen Scarf will eventually enlighten me to take the time to close the door with patience. Or is it just getting me to think of all this? Is that enough to satiate Scarf? Scarf!