A Task List for the Rest of Us

The design flaw I see in all to-do applications is the insistence on keeping lists vertical, lending to the illusion that people are accomplishing things with fervor and moving emphatically to the next item, eager to tick a box that proves our task list virility. And for some people this is good. For the rest of us I submit for your approval, The Realistic To Do List Model. Each task is first identified in the first step and you are awarded a tick box for being astute enough to determine a root problem to be solved. The second step to the right is the all important Half-Assed step that awards you another box to tick for the sub-par job you probably did. Now you have two checked boxes compared to those goodie two-shoes Vertical List People's one box. You could gain an even greater advantage by ticking the third box supplied for the same item, the Ideal Completion box, where you actually would accomplish the thing you originally set out to do but you might hesitate due to some ethical dilemma. You should just go ahead though and tick that last box because, really, who else is reading your To Do lists? I suggest filling the rest of your list with items requiring a lower amount of effort to accomplish like, " Breathe" and, "Look over There" if you really want to be in tick box heaven.