On this day

Hello all you happy people. Can I tell you how glad I am to be through last month? As exciting as it was to be busy, it was a lot to chew on. I'm very happy to have been a part of the wonderful SF Zinefest, both hosting the Reading with the Cartoon Art Museum and the show proper. Met a lot of cool nice people who I am looking forward to hanging with again. I also performed and projected drawings at Beatbox with Safa Shokrai's new outfit, The Glasses and had a great time. We will be doing some more shows soon, you'll be the first to know. Summer is slipping away for the rest of the country but here in San Francisco our summer weather is just beginning.  What better way to welcome Fall than with a little redecorating? Might I suggest some new original art from my new shop?  I've included a new series, " Drawings of Paintings and Their Matching Furniture" to start out. All originals!  I've received a lot of requests for prints of [Sic] cartoons and I hope to be adding that to the shop soon.