Five slide Layout prelim comp

I think the five slide layout will be much more legible an experience, especially since we do not have a physical presence in the presentation narrating. Below is an updated layout with this consideration. Much more room for copy that we are consolidating now. We aslo introduced the Teknion character right to the intro slide which I think is a great way to enhance the narrative and tie teknion's interest to the story. We added the buzzwords list to the third slide in the speech bubbles that currently say "Buzzwords." I think this enhances that particular graphic and will meet our goals in that respect. We will address specific graphic placement once the copy is ready but this update gives us a better feel for the final audience experience. 


I will be adding a graphic to the 4th slide to better sell the idea of the modular kits, versatility etc..

Connecting the Dots

Considering the amount of information we want to convey and our real-estate and composition constraints, I consolidated the info graphic and narrative approach by using a flow-chart-like line that literally connects the points we want to make represented by anthropomorphising colored dot of the Deloitte logo.  The line does two important things, it leads our audience intuitively to our next scene as a narrative device but it is a character as well. The line changes shapes along the way to playfully illustrate our points visually as we continue along our narrative. 

Style Board : An example of final look and feel. 

Concept Story sketches:

Below is each conceptual stop along the way down the line for review followed by two preliminary slide layouts consolidating all the points. 


"A unique partnership between Teknion, Deloitte and Woods Bagot will the connect the dots..."

(Group of different shapes connected by our line, holding different items that show their diverse professional backgrounds.)

... bringing different people together to visualize an evolution of the workplace." 

"Realizing professional environments as a constellation of opportunity."


...Far beyond the boxes we were used to. 

An environment where ideas and people can connect and flourish. 

Utilizing maximized real-estate...

Flexibility in standardized module kits allowing for multiple configurations...

...and integrated, ergonomic technology to create an experience that is distinctly Deloitte and Woods Bagot.

Taking a shared environment approach opens the bigger picture...

...Leading to serendipitous innovation.

The integration of service and planning is key to the development of the work culture...

...optimized for worker efficiency whether a stationary agent or on the go. 

While also providing attention to the needs of the individual user offering a lock drawer, personal tech daily storage and adjustable monitor arms.

It all equals productivity that is easily visually quantifiable. 

A partnership of continuing service, beyond hardware, that stirs the human work experience.    






Deloitte/ Woods Bagot Presentation


Create conceptual illustrations for two presentation slides that narrate the process of the Deloitte/ Woods Bagot/ Teknion partnership for a 2015 targeted new workplace. 

Illustrate the heirarchy of the process from beginning to end utilizing info-graphic representations of the three business cultures individuality whilst maintaining a cohesive brand and partnership. Communicate that this is the team responsible for the new workplace at Deloitte. 

Showcase the constant evolution and change of this "new,fun, well-integrated" environment contrasting "your father's workplace." Showcase the product kit variations and versatility. Highlight this evolution by including, "to be continued..." 

Heirarchy: Maintain Real-estate, Flexibility, Technology

focus: work specialists, attracting and retaining talent, succession, remaining competitive

Color notes: Deloitte- green, blue, white WB: include red to acknowledge Canadian project

Include copy as needed to illustrate

collateral: Notes Docx , Deloitte PPT (included notes)

Product Contacts: Kim Jagger,Cristina