Deloitte/ Woods Bagot Presentation


Create conceptual illustrations for two presentation slides that narrate the process of the Deloitte/ Woods Bagot/ Teknion partnership for a 2015 targeted new workplace. 

Illustrate the heirarchy of the process from beginning to end utilizing info-graphic representations of the three business cultures individuality whilst maintaining a cohesive brand and partnership. Communicate that this is the team responsible for the new workplace at Deloitte. 

Showcase the constant evolution and change of this "new,fun, well-integrated" environment contrasting "your father's workplace." Showcase the product kit variations and versatility. Highlight this evolution by including, "to be continued..." 

Heirarchy: Maintain Real-estate, Flexibility, Technology

focus: work specialists, attracting and retaining talent, succession, remaining competitive

Color notes: Deloitte- green, blue, white WB: include red to acknowledge Canadian project

Include copy as needed to illustrate

collateral: Notes Docx , Deloitte PPT (included notes)

Product Contacts: Kim Jagger,Cristina